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img   img (EN) provides bulk emailing and bulk texting under a flat rate structure in which EmailNotices provides you with over 85% of every home’s email address and text phone number. You can choose to use our services for either email or text or both.

You will also have the ability to add email addresses or text phone numbers to your list at no additional charge to reach the 15% of homes for which we do not have email addresses or cell phone numbers.  Other municipalities and schools have determined that no bidding is needed for our unique feature rich email and texting service because it is a unique product under State bidding laws because no other service also provides you with your resident’s data.

The system allows you to segment your database by as many “geographical pockets” or “interests” as you desire.  As an example the recreation department may wish to email or text only parents of: Girls who are in the 3rd and 4th grade who are interested in Soccer.

Bulk Emailing:
You have the ability to have in our system as many email templates as you like. The Mayor, police and recreation department typically all have different email templates. The email template can have embedded links to all the pages of your website.

To follow is an example of an email template and yours will be custom designed with the same colors and graphics as your website as we only go first class.

Midland Park Main Page

Email and Texting are Very Beneficial for Safety Alerts:

Municipalities that use “Reverse 911” phone recordings to call every home are finding many major holes that are preventing timely contact.

  • Disasters such as floods and the tragedy that occurred on 9/11 and recent weather conditions will destroy the outbound calling capability of phone equipment housed locally which is used by many Reverse 911 services. Our email and texting messages are sent from multiple, remote, out-of-state email servers over multiple email carriers, over a diversified internet network.
  • Reverse 911 voice broadcasting calls are not made to the resident's business phones or cell phones to alert them of an emergency back in their home town.  Only residential land line phone numbers are in the Reverse 911 databases ---no cell phones.
  • In most families today, both adults work outside of the home.  No one is there during the day when most emergencies or disasters occur to receive your automated phone calls!
  • With Reverse 911 voice broadcasting you need to have paper and pen available and you'd better know how to take shorthand when panicked!
  • Families with children know that most often it's their children who pick up the phone, not the adult resident!  By the time the children hand over the phone, the recorded message is over and the Reverse 911 voice broadcasting phone system has erroneously accounted the call as a message delivered to an adult.

We can help you plug those holes!  With our service:

  • Municipalities and schools can potentially access many parents via email and text at work.  An email can be sent to the resident's home and business email addresses, smart phones, etc. and a text can be sent to any mobile phone with incoming text capabilities.
  • Many people have two homes (summer homes, winter homes) and split the year between each. Emails and texts can be sent to both homes to advise them of emergencies happening to the home they are not currently at.
  • The amount of time it takes to call every home in even a small town will be much longer than the time it takes to send bulk email and texts. That's if the phone service is working or not busy!
  • The email and texts can include detailed written instructions and links to instructions for all to read regarding a course of action to take or directions to roads or shelters.
  • The instructions can be in multiple languages, whereas 911 phone calls are in English. More and more people are using cell phones exclusively instead of home land line services. Now you can reach them!

No Security or Legal Concerns:
We do not collect any sensitive data (credit card info, social security numbers), nor do we collect the names of children. We are COPPA Compliant (Child Online Privacy Protection Act). Additionally, when the emails go out, no residents email addresses will show in the email header and the residents will not be able to “reply to all” residents.

Decrease in Phone Calls to Town Hall and Reduction in Staff Time
Municipalities, schools and utilities will realize that the emails and texts actually free up productive staff time. No longer is the staff answering questions due to the enhanced communications. When the emails go out, the email template can advise the residents that the email server does not accept reply emails; thus working as if the message was “US Postal Mailed” out—except now the municipality saves a bundle. Some municipalities are cutting-back on postal mailing and supplementing communications with unlimited emailing and texting.

It simply does not pay for any municipality to use another email or texting vendor when most are technically inferior, and don’t provide the email or text data.

Residents Love Email Notices Service because it is Highly Targeted
The email and texting service not only benefits the Town and School but the community leaders (Boy & Girl Scouts, Historical Society, Garden Club, Library, PTA, Sports Associations, etc) that do not have the ability to bulk email and text. The ability to highly target means that people know they will receive only what specifically interests them and therefore the email and texts gets opened. Remember each of these community organizations can have their own email template so their content does not need to go under the municipality or schools name.

We find that residents in general erroneously believe that the municipal and school staff do not work hard and are overpaid. Residents complain that there are no programs offered and no information is communicated. This is because most residents simply don't visit the municipal website on a regular basis nor stare at the Cable TV channel as it scrolls news. The email and text service changes residents' perception to the municipality being cutting edge and demonstrates that the staff is really on top of things.

The email service also allows attachments, like registration forms, alleviating the need for the public to make trips to the municipal building prior to the typical municipality closing. The same press releases that you send to the newspaper can attach to an email.

No Computer Issues
Because this is website accessible service there is no need to integrate software or hardware into your computer network. We "private label the service" --meaning that when the residents register online, and when the email goes out, and when residents change their interests, the municipality appears to be running the service. We simply stay in the background and make you look great.

The email service is feature rich but user friendly! We have also spent years getting white-listed with Internet Service Providers (ISP's) to make sure the email gets delivered. People erroneously believe that just because they have opt-in email it automatically means that their email gets delivered -- not so! --you need to get white-listed to bulk mail large amounts of email. Many applications and some ISP's charge an application fee to get white-listed.

It is So Simple to Use!
Email content is pasted or typed into an editor, or you can simply attach a document that you already have. The following is a screenshot of the text editor where you place your message and when you save it the message gets transferred into your custom email template.  

The Database Stays Up–To-Date
Subscriber data stays current as all emails contain an "update my profile" link that takes the resident to a private labeled webpage that allows residents to select or de-select from the list of interests that you create in your password protected admin area. At the end of each school year parents advance their children's grade level. 

Targeting of Email Notices - Select & Send an Email Notice
You can select a combination of as many interest groups as you like, including age and gender, or geographic area of the municipality and our system will remove duplicates if the subscriber is in more than one interest group, so the person does not get two of the same emails.

After you select your subscribers you have the option of attaching a document. You also have the ability to send a test email and only the email address entered will receive it. You can also preview the email in your browser. Years of experience have led to the development of every possible practical request from municipalities without the service becoming so complicated that no one can understand it. We’ve kept it simple!  Call our office and have a tour before you decide which business model to take. One of our staff will teach you step by step and we promise it will take you only 5 minutes to see how easy it is to use. 

There are great reports, too!
The following screenshot shows how many subscribers chose each sub interest group that was created. You can click on the interest group name and it will give you the list of all subscribers registered for that interest group.


You also can view each individual record and see what each subscriber selected-- see screenshot:


Email Notices Fees to Purchase Bulk Email and/or Bulk Text Service and Own the Data Records
The municipality will own the email data after one year of monthly payments or immediately if paying annually upfront. You can take the data after one year and no longer use our service.  

There is no data supplier in the USA that has the data saturation level that we do and if they did they would charge you 25 cents per record to give you the data.

Unlimited email and texting service pricing is based upon the number of homes in the municipality/school. There can be multiple email and text registrations allowed per household.  i.e. (home and business email addresses and text phone numbers for both husband and wife and other adults in the household.)

The below costs are for Combo Emailing and Texting and owning the data.
If you wish to purchase only the bulk emailing or bulk texting take 25% off the below costs:  

 Annual Fees Or Monthly Fees
Below 1,000 homes is $1,500 per year—No Monthly Payment option.
Above 1,000 homes to 3,000 homes is $2,900 a year or $265 monthly.
Above 3,000 homes to 6,000 homes is $3,600 a year or $325 monthly.
Above 6,000 homes to 10,000 homes is $4,000 a year or $350 monthly.  
Above 10,000 homes to 15,000 homes is $4,800 a year or $430 monthly.
Above 15,000 homes to 25,000 homes is $5,800 a year or $499 monthly.
Above 25,000 homes 40,000 homes is $6,500 a year or $575 monthly.
Above 40,000 homes to 60,000 homes is $7,200 a year or $649 monthly.
Above 60,000 homes to 85,000 homes is $8,800 a year or $788 monthly.
Above 85,000 homes to 200,000 homes is $9,500 a year or $888 monthly.
Above 200,000 homes contact us.

Thank you.  We look forward to helping you enhance your service level and emergency preparedness capabilities.

Email Notices

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Town References

Borough of Midland Park
280 Godwin Avenue, Midland Park, New Jersey 07432 Tel: 201-445-5720. Fax: 201-652- 6348

To Whom It May Concern,

Midland Park Borough has been asked to provide a letter regarding our free unlimited use of the EmailNotices bulk email service and is pleased to do so. Over the last two years EmailNotices has enabled our Borough to email several hundred resident updates, and target our residents by dozens of different registered interests.

The emails stand a much better chance of getting opened because they can be highly targeted. For instance, our Recreation Department can target parents by the grade, gender and multiple interests of their children, including the attaching of registration forms.

Another major benefit of the EmailNotices service was that they already had a substantial percentage of our residents email addresses, full names, phone numbers, and postal mailing addresses at the start of the service and it grew from there. The Borough has never received one complaint from a resident regarding the service.

EmailNotices has also provided at no cost an incredible master town calendar system that interacts with resident's free appointment calendars which can post events into residents calendars based upon the residents registered interests. We even feature this innovative hi-tech calendar on the top of our website.

Having the Borough's emails sponsored in a very professional manner so the Borough has no costs makes residents appreciative that communications are enhanced without the use of taxpayer dollars, as EmailNotices has truly created a win-win situation for all parties.

Adeline M. Hanna, R.M.C Borough Clerk

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